posted Oct.18.16 at 03:01 am

It's page 123, y'all!

I'm easily delighted by numbers lining up in order!

I don't have much news this week, other than that I survived the big storm that blew through the Pacific Northwest this weekend! We got hammered by wind and rain, but I don't think it ended up being as bad as initially predicted. The coast got a tornado, though! That never, ever happens here, so you can imagine how surprised everyone was. I'm just glad we didn't get one in Portland. :<


I have been informed I am terrible at promoting myself, so I'm going to mention my Patreon! Did you know I have one? It's a great way to contribute directly to me making more paged of The Last Diplomat! Patrons get to read new pages a bit early, get to see bits of other things I'm working on that I can't talk about yet, and sometimes I also post some extra things like wallpapers. If any of that sounds good to you, you can check it out here:

Ok! Shameless self-promotion over! Take care, and I'll see you all next week!



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