posted Jun.21.16 at 03:01 am

WELL. Look who it is!

I'm pretty excited to be back to drawing Samma for a bit, as I'm sure she is excited to be working on a way out of her predicament finally. Even if she's still mad at Tark.


In other news, I'm making the trek across the country to Orlando this week to attend the American Library Association conference! If you happen to be going, come see me! I'm not sure if it's open to the public, but in the event that you are reading this, and a librarian who will be attending, I'll be in the Artist Alley! I'll be the one in front of the Last Diplomat banner, trying not to disolve in the humidity.X3

Speaking of, there won't be an update next week, as I'll be gone for a whole week in Orlando, and my professional deadlines are preventing me from working ahead on TLD.:( If I get some free time, I'll try and post a pic or something instead!


See you in a bit!



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